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1865 Victorian Carriage Dress

So here is my finished Victorian Carriage Dress. I got my inspiration for the dress from a vintage fashion plate. When I saw this I loved it and and knew that this was what I was going to model my own dress after

To start off when all my undergarments for this costume were made from the McCall's Costume Pattern 3609. For the most part this was a really easy pattern to sew. The camisole is a no brainer if you are used to following sewing instructions. The only modification I had to make was taking in the shoulder straps a bit. It is a good shape and plenty long so it fits completely under the corset.

The corset was a great find. From looking at the pattern cover I wasn't sure how much support it would actually give. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It gave the perfect shape for my dress. There are a few things to note about this pattern however, if you want a corset that will really sinch you in this is not the pattern. It is more useful for molding you in to t…