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Catching Up!

To start off!

Merry Christmas Eve, and Blessed 5th Day of Yule! To see what other holidays are being celebrated today just check out this website. Holidays on the Net
So if feels like forever since I last posted.  Probably because it has been.  This time of year is always crazy for me.  I usually have a different holiday event every weekend of December.  So I thought I would take the time to catch you guys up a bit.

Christmas Tree Lighting Dec. 3rd.
Most years I go to my family's home town for a bit of Ole' Fashion Christmas.  This is the type of town, that at Christmas you feel like you have jumped in to "A Christmas Story".  The whole town shows up for the tree lighting.  The high school band is playing Christmas carols on the street corners.  The fire trucks are all spruced up with lights.  There is even an elf band singing Christmas songs.  It really does feel like you are in a movie. I did take some videos but they all turned out really black.  So I will just post…

Wrapping it up!

Hello All,

So 2010 is wrapping up and time to start thinking about the new year.  I had posted previously about my new years resolution.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to make one, or what I would even resolve to do.  I have made lots of resolutions in the pasted and I'll be damned if I kept one.  Part of the stigma is in the word resolution.   I think we let our over perfectionist side take over and we self-sabotage.  I am going have projects for 2011, not resolutions.  Here are just a couple projects that I want to attempt.  I picked a few for the different categories of my life.

Start a for scrapbook 2010 (I have already started this)
Try to knit something more complicated than a scarf.

Daily Life:
Get organized- home, work, and self.
Travel!- I want to visit 1 completely new place this year, be it in or out of the country.  I am open to suggestions.

Now that this is all out of the way, I remember a promise I made  about posting more dickens fair pictures as well a…

Dicken's Faire

So tomorrow is the Dickens fair. I will be in a bright pink and brown dress with dark brown trims. Look at earlier posts for fabric samples. Say hello if you are going! I will post pics from the fair tomorrow. Keep an eye out.