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Making Some Progress

Hello All,

So I have been making a little progress on my wedding planning.  I haven't nailed down a location quite yet, but do have some ideas.

However, I have had fun scouring Pintrest for Ideas.  Here are some of the ideas I have come across so far.

 Next... I would like to get your guys opinion on something.  What do you think about honeymoon registries.   I have been reading about them lately.  The thinking behind them is, many couples are living together before they get married.  As a result they have all the housewares they need already.  So, they figure that couples could register for people to gift money to their honeymoon trip. Here are some of the sites.
So, do you think it is in bad taste to do a honeymoon registry, as well as having a small traditional registry?
Let me know your thoughts. xo Nikki