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Nix Pix

So I am gonna start a weekly post called Nix Pix. It will be a collection of links, videos, blogs whatever I find in my while browsing the net that have to do with costuming, retro/ vintage fashion or things that relate.

Here is this weeks list.

Bobby pin blog: ever wonder how to get those vintage hair styles, well this chick breaks it down for you

Casey's Musing: an inspiration, she shows her own retro style both with vintage pieces and vintage inspired pieces, as well as weekly inspiration!

so that is it for now, sorry that the list is so short. I will have more for you next week.

If you have any suggestions or great links send them my way!


So, I have been working on some projects lately. I have my 1950's dress just about finished, but have yet to take pictures of them. So, keep your eyes peeled.

One project I have been working on are my shoes for for the 2010 Ren Fair Season. These were just a pair of old blue leather shoes I had around that don't fit right anymore. They were the perfect color to go with my dress for this year. So i cut out the back to make them slip on and added some ribbon as a tie for the ankle.

The embellishments on the toes are remnants from previous projects such as velvet trim, beads, gold braided trim.

I know they are not period and seem like something from Marie Antoinette's wardrobe. However, I wanted something pretty to be peaking out from under my dress if I had to lift my skirts some. Its the little details that make a costume real in my opinion. I am open to critiques. This is my first time working with foot wear. We will see how they hold up.

Time about 2 hours (planning …