So, I have been working on some projects lately. I have my 1950's dress just about finished, but have yet to take pictures of them. So, keep your eyes peeled.

One project I have been working on are my shoes for for the 2010 Ren Fair Season. These were just a pair of old blue leather shoes I had around that don't fit right anymore. They were the perfect color to go with my dress for this year. So i cut out the back to make them slip on and added some ribbon as a tie for the ankle.

The embellishments on the toes are remnants from previous projects such as velvet trim, beads, gold braided trim.

I know they are not period and seem like something from Marie Antoinette's wardrobe. However, I wanted something pretty to be peaking out from under my dress if I had to lift my skirts some. Its the little details that make a costume real in my opinion. I am open to critiques. This is my first time working with foot wear. We will see how they hold up.

Time about 2 hours (planning and execution. Cost: $0

Happy Sewing Everyone!


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