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I have come to the conclusion that I really need to learn how to knit.  I found these on mod cloth and really want a pair!  They are a throw back with a modern twist, which I LOVE!

What do you think?  Any one have any tips on how to start learning?

Fall Cleaning!

Hello All,

I know it is traditional to do a major cleaning during spring.  The point is to clean out all the dust, dirt and junk from the cold winter months.  But I had a thought this afternoon.  Why don't we have a fall cleaning as well. Lets get ready for the cold winter months and staying indoors more by cleaning up and getting rid of what we don't need.  I personally get a cleaning buzz during the spring and winter months.

I have been running around my house like a crazy person, cleaning out all my cupboards, making plans to organize things better, and just going through my stuff and asking myself... why am I keeping this.  It has been a great feeling just getting rid of things, and purging useless possessions.

I feel like an old school house wife buzzing around like I am.  Myself and other are kinda stuck in this weird limbo.  We are modern women wanting to do our own thing and not be trapted in the house or "settling".  At the same time, I want a nice house, a…

Going... to the chapel...

Well perhaps not the chapel but the beautiful back yard.  Saturday was Kelly's wedding.  I have to say it was one of the top 2 weddings I have ever been to.  This was only second to a wedding that cost way to much and was held at the Sheraton.

First off lets get it over with.  I know what you all have been checking back for... the DRESS!  Yes I finished it on time and it fit amazingly.  She was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.  A lot of excitement, a little makeup and silk go along way.    My girly Kelly has always been a pretty girl, however I had never seen her look so lit up before.
The day started off going to the salon and watching Kelly get her hair down.  Unlike most brides, Kelly went with flowing curls hanging down.  She had been growing out her hair for over a year just for this day (don't expect the long hair to last long!)  The curls just softened her so much.  

From there it was time to go back to the prep room and start getting ready.  Our ama…

Count Down- 2 days!

Hello All,

 So now we are at 2 days till the wedding and I thought I would give you further updates on the dress.  This post will be in regards to hemming silk.  I don't know who out there has ever hemmed silk.  But those who have will understand my pain.  It took me about 6 hours to hem the dress.  I did it all by hand, doing an invisible hem to the best of my ability.

For starters, silk doesn't like to fold or do anything but lay flat with the occasional wrinkle..  Secondly it is super delicate and is easy to pull apart the weaving.  Both of these issues were major contributes to my wanted to throw the dress out of the window.

The hemming started with Kelly standing on my old, wooden, toy box for about 45mins, heels and all.  Lucky for me her job is a lot of standing and she is used to it.  i sat on the floor in front of her and slowly folded up the edges and pinned them.  This went on and on.  Finally her toes started to lose feeling and we decided to call it quits for the…

The countdown has begun!

Hello All,

So the countdown to Kelly's wedding has begun!  We have 5 days till the wedding.  It is going to be this Saturday afternoon.  I have been working like a mad woman to get her dress, veil and head piece.

This is what I have left to finish: Pre-Final Fitting, Final Fitting, veil and head piece.

Early last week we did the Pre-Final fitting.  I made sure that the dress fit like it should, and pinned the bottom with her wearing it.   I was terrified of this first fitting.  The reason being that this was the first time Kelly had really seen the dress pretty much finished.  I of course saw all the flaws in it but she loved it.  Even if the dress wasn't completely finished.

I had her try it on and I pinned the back to see where the corset loops would go.  I was pretty happy that when I pinned it up that it fit perfectly.  The pattern seems like it was designed for her.  I had to take a couple inches off the back to make it fit.  I was a little worried about this.  I was afr…

New School Teacher: Today's Creation

So, I am back to work and everything is in full swing.  If you didn't know, I am a special education teacher at a local high school.  Normally when people think of teacher they get the image of a frumpy, middle aged woman with no style, taste, or time to do anything but grade papers and plan the next weeks lessons.  Well the latter part of this is true.  However, I don't really want to look like it.  Looking around the various schools where I have worked, it seems as though some teacher have simply just.... given up.   I am making a vow to never become one of the frumpy masses in today's public school system.  I am no where near being an old marm and what to have fun with my look.

In an effort to prevent this fate.  I had made a goal for myself.  This was to actually put effort in to my appearance everyday for work and care about how I presented myself.  I feel the way I present myself is a reflection on my program.  I want people to see that I am organized put together an…

Fall Projects

Though we are still in the middle of Indian Summer here in Northern California, I can feel change in the air.  The air is crisper in the morning and the sun is a little lower in the sky.  This has got me thinking about my fall/ winter dress projects.  I have pretty much fell in love with dresses over the past 6 months and really can't imagine myself wearing pants much.  This poses a problem when the weather starts getting cooler. So, to solve this little issue I am looking for dresses with a bit more to them, heavier fabrics, and thicker tights.

To find dresses I have been browsing the pattern websites.  Here are a few I am considering   On this one I really like the top left corner view, the bottom left corner view and the bottom right corner view.  They are light and layered, perfect for keeping warm

These are just a few I have found and plan to pick up on my next trip to the fabric store.

What do you like to wear when the winter gets colder?

Happy Sewing!