New School Teacher: Today's Creation

So, I am back to work and everything is in full swing.  If you didn't know, I am a special education teacher at a local high school.  Normally when people think of teacher they get the image of a frumpy, middle aged woman with no style, taste, or time to do anything but grade papers and plan the next weeks lessons.  Well the latter part of this is true.  However, I don't really want to look like it.  Looking around the various schools where I have worked, it seems as though some teacher have simply just.... given up.   I am making a vow to never become one of the frumpy masses in today's public school system.  I am no where near being an old marm and what to have fun with my look.

In an effort to prevent this fate.  I had made a goal for myself.  This was to actually put effort in to my appearance everyday for work and care about how I presented myself.  I feel the way I present myself is a reflection on my program.  I want people to see that I am organized put together and professional.  I am going to post pictures of the outfits I come up with from time to time.  Below is one that I put together for the first day of school.

Dress: Made by me from  Vogue pattern V1043
Sweater: Target
Necklace: Gift from my sister
Belt: Ross

What kind of look do you go for at work?


  1. Hey cutie! I love the first day outfit. The teachers I work with at my (non-public) school tend to take a lot of care in how they look. I think it makes a big difference personally and for the school. My style is quite similar to yours :)

  2. Awww, thanks Kristy. What fun projects have you been up to lately.

  3. Hi,great blog. I love the dress and the way you've accessorised it with the cardigan and belt. Very stylish! As I work from home, I've let my clothing standards slip, but am slowly regaining an interest again and am teaching myself (very badly)to sew clothes. I'm looking forward to your future posts.
    Donna x

  4. As you know I am a lunch lady. I wear t-shirts and jeans but I have to add a bit of me into my aprons. I love to wear colorful fun aprons. The sillier the better.


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