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Lace to trim my bonnet!

Hello All,

Well I am actually making head way on my carriage dress. I have just about finished the undergarments and the dress is half way done. I finished the main construction of it last night.

I do have to say I am really enjoying making this piece! It has posed quite a few challenges for me, but I was able to conquer them! But as promised I have some WIP pictures for you all to see. This includes my finished bonnet which I am really proud of!
So here is the bonnet!

Keep in mind these are still works in progress. But you can get the general idea of what they are going to look like.


And We're Off

So as an introduction I am new and an old friend to the world of sewing. I have been sewing small things such as dolls clothes and little projects as far back as I can remember. It was just recently after spending hours drooling over others ren fair garb that I decided to bit the bullet and make one of my own. Since this time I have been hooked. I have fallen in love with costuming, especially historical costuming. I have been a history fanatic since birth and have always love to dress up. I have just found the more adult outlet for both of these. My costumes to date include my Ren Dress compete with underpinnings and head wear as well as a men's ren doublet, pants and hat. In addition I have made a cloak and corset.

My current project is a replica of a 1865 Carriage dress.

This includes, corset, pantaloons, camisol, and hoop skirt. So far this dress has been easier and more of a challenge than my previous projects but I have fallen in love with it. Right now I am in …