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The clouds are parting.

Hello all,

As it says in the title, The Clouds are parting some. I can feel the spring thaw start. Today is the first day of the transition, spring is on its way. I know it is really early, but such big changes take time and have to start somewhere. I noticed today when I woke up that the sun was actually shinning in my window. There was light at 7:00am, I haven't seen that for months. Between fog, clouds and simply the time of year it felt like we had been trapped in perpetual dusk.

However, steping outside, looking up there are a multitude of changes this morning that were not there yesterday (its amazing how nature is like that). For one, the skys are clear and crystal blue, and do I dare say that there are tiny buds on the almond trees in front of my apartment.

Hmmmmm, this all has me dreaming of spring days, walks around the neighborhood, picnics, bikerides, reading outdoors in the morning with my coffee (my all time favorite activity), playing in the parks, out door…

Changes are on the way.

I know it has been forever since I last posted anything here. I have been in the midst of my entire life going upside down and reshifting since August. Now that things have finally settled in their places, I am going to start working on my various projects again. So far I have 4 major projects planned for 2010. They are as follows...

1. Ren Faire Dress. I have had all the fabric since last spring, but didn't have a chance to make the dress.

2. My friends Wedding Dress. She is getting married in sept./oct.

3. Steampunk alterations. I want to make some additions and modifications to my steampunk pirate costume for the june pirate festival.

4. Dickens Faire Dress. I am thinking of making this years dress more authentic to the period, and perhaps a bit frillier.

These are not the only projects I want to complete this year, but they are my major, will take over my life/ free time projects. I can't wait to get started. I am currently in the process of cleaning up my craft…