Changes are on the way.

I know it has been forever since I last posted anything here. I have been in the midst of my entire life going upside down and reshifting since August. Now that things have finally settled in their places, I am going to start working on my various projects again. So far I have 4 major projects planned for 2010. They are as follows...

1. Ren Faire Dress. I have had all the fabric since last spring, but didn't have a chance to make the dress.

2. My friends Wedding Dress. She is getting married in sept./oct.

3. Steampunk alterations. I want to make some additions and modifications to my steampunk pirate costume for the june pirate festival.

4. Dickens Faire Dress. I am thinking of making this years dress more authentic to the period, and perhaps a bit frillier.

These are not the only projects I want to complete this year, but they are my major, will take over my life/ free time projects. I can't wait to get started. I am currently in the process of cleaning up my craft room and getting it ready for the sewing season.

Happy Crafting!


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