I have come to the conclusion that I really need to learn how to knit.  I found these on mod cloth and really want a pair!  They are a throw back with a modern twist, which I LOVE!

What do you think?  Any one have any tips on how to start learning?


  1. Hi, I'd offer to teach you but am in the UK however, tips...

    Look here for videos:

    Join Ravelry to search for knitters, groups and yarn shops in your area:

    Above all be prepared to become complete;y onsessed oh and clear out some storage space you will need it ;-)

  2. I apologise for my poor typing :-)

  3. I'm learning to knit too, maybe we can find a first simple project on Ravelry or somewhere like that and have a little knit along!

  4. @ Nancy, that sounds like a great idea. Got any suggestions?

  5. nO-Odler, I'm looking for some suggestions to post on the latest thread now!


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