Fall Projects

Though we are still in the middle of Indian Summer here in Northern California, I can feel change in the air.  The air is crisper in the morning and the sun is a little lower in the sky.  This has got me thinking about my fall/ winter dress projects.  I have pretty much fell in love with dresses over the past 6 months and really can't imagine myself wearing pants much.  This poses a problem when the weather starts getting cooler. So, to solve this little issue I am looking for dresses with a bit more to them, heavier fabrics, and thicker tights.

To find dresses I have been browsing the pattern websites.  Here are a few I am considering 
  On this one I really like the top left corner view, the bottom left corner view and the bottom right corner view.  They are light and layered, perfect for keeping warm

These are just a few I have found and plan to pick up on my next trip to the fabric store.

What do you like to wear when the winter gets colder?

Happy Sewing!


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