Wrapping it up!

Hello All,

So 2010 is wrapping up and time to start thinking about the new year.  I had posted previously about my new years resolution.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to make one, or what I would even resolve to do.  I have made lots of resolutions in the pasted and I'll be damned if I kept one.  Part of the stigma is in the word resolution.   I think we let our over perfectionist side take over and we self-sabotage.  I am going have projects for 2011, not resolutions.  Here are just a couple projects that I want to attempt.  I picked a few for the different categories of my life.

Start a for scrapbook 2010 (I have already started this)
Try to knit something more complicated than a scarf.

Daily Life:
Get organized- home, work, and self.
Travel!- I want to visit 1 completely new place this year, be it in or out of the country.  I am open to suggestions.

Now that this is all out of the way, I remember a promise I made  about posting more dickens fair pictures as well as nutcracker pictures.  Well here they are.

Dickens Fair

The grand concourse dance hall.  I really want to learn just one Victorian dance so that I can participate next year.

Me and my lovely wifey strolling down to the dance floor.

Full shot of this years dress.  I am not 100% happy with it. there were a few things wrong with it and I didn't get to add all the detail I wanted to.

 Down at the docks listening to a few sea Shantees, what should you do with a drunken sailor?

This women in the middle used the same pattern as I did on her dress.

 Exploring the pirate shop arrrr...

Was looking in the haberdashery, and decided to fix my hair. 

 I was also able to stop by for the squid feeding at the adventurers room.

Christmas Tea Service and Nutcracker


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