11 Parts to a Wardrobe

Recently I have a lot of time on my hands. Work is out till Jan. 5th and I have found myself watching reruns of project runway and Tim Gunn's Guide to style. Both of these have inspired me to revamp my whole wardrobe. However rather than going out and buying a million things and spending way to much, I wanna make a new wardrobe.

To start off, according to Tim Gunn and his other fashionista flunkies, there some crucial pieces that every wardrobe needs to have to be complete. You know, I am inclined to agree. These pieces include:
1. Classic Dress pant
2. A good pair of jeans
3. A basic black dress
4. A well fitting white button down
5. Trench Coat
6. Basic Skirt (A line or pencil depending on your shape)
7. Blazer
8. Day Dress
9. Belt
10.Track Suit Alternative
11.Cashmere Sweater

I myself have a few of these pieces, and got a nice black dress for Christmas. However, with my new dress form I am setting the challenge for myself to make what missing pieces I can and have what is considered the starts of a complete wardrobe.

I know this may sound silly and frivolous, but when it comes to shopping and putting together what i need to buy... I'm clueless. So a little direction never hurts.
Don't get me wrong though, there will be many frilly, pretty, retro inspired pieces and costumes to come as well. So keep your eyes out and let the sewing begin!


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