2009 Resolutions

1. Make one non-costume outfit a month. I love making my costumes. However, I wanna start making actual clothing for myself as well.
1.b. Put a little more effort in to the way I dress. I no longer wanna look like a soccer mom in training because it is convenient,

2. Read more, There are a million books on my list and I haven't been doing much with them. I want to get through at least 10 classics before the year is out.

3. Travel more, I wanna get my guts up to go traveling out of my comfort zone.

4. Go though all my crap. I am so much stuff crammed in to our little apartment and I am sick of the clutter so I want to go through it and get rid of what I don't need.

5. Last but not least, do at least one commission, be it for someone here online, or for a family/friend or acquaintance. Gotta start somewhere!

So those are my five new years resolutions for 2009. I think that they are realistic online my usual ones. What are you all resolving to do for the new year.


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