Down to the Wire

AHHHHHH, so I have been sewing for the past .... 12+ hours pretty much constantly. But it was all worth it, for now I have a finished carriage dress. The whole look is toped off with Bonnet, cape, muff and gloves (i didn't make the gloves). I was furiously stitching on the sewing maching and sewing by hand so fast I think I may have gotten my fingers more than the fabric. (At least literally my blood and sweat when in to this project.

The reason for this mad sewing frenzy, is that the Dickens Faire is tomorrow and that was my whole reason for making this dress. I was just going to keep is simple making a shirt and skirt. But if you know me at all, you know this is never going to be the case. Once I get searching on the net and find out all the fun pieces I just go crazy. So keep your eyes peeled for pictures, I will be posting them soon.

Oh BTW did I mention I was even able to fit in making a top hat for my Benny Boi. Direction were complements of The Tip Top Hat Tutorial by *chioky on deviantART Ahh.. I have no clue how I did all of this in one day

Once again, keep a watching out and I will post to you all later!


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