Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!: In Prog.

Hello All,

I am finally working on my spring/ summer wardrob projects. So far the sewing list consists of
3 Dresses
-Have the fabric for 2
- 1 is about half finished
2 Skirts
-Both have the pieces cut out.

The skirts I am making are heavily 60's inspired. I found both the pattern and the fabric at Joanne's (An amazing craft store).

On the shopping trip when I purchased this fabric, I wasn't even looking to buy anything for myself. The whole purpose was to help a friend find materials for his steampunk costume. But as you know, I can't walk in to a fabric store with out browsing around for a while. This fabric jumped out at me and I knew I had to make a skirt out of it. I know it is a bit cutsey and busy but I love it. Plus, I am a teacher, I can get away with fabrics like this!
I plan on making view b, that is the red skirt on the envelope in the top right hand corner.

The next skirt I have planned is a mixture of the 60's and 40's, but I think it will work
The pattern is a simplicity reprint of a 1940's skirt and the fabric print is 60's inpired. I love all the fruits on it. It even has CHERRIES!!!!! I really hope they turn out as well as I am imagining them.

I am really trying to focus on more than just costumes. I love making my costumes, but I would also like to have some original pieces as well. Just got to sit down and make them and stop thinking about all the costumes that I could make.

I will try and post more about the dresses and the finished skirts later so keep you eyes open.

By the way, what have all of you out there been working on . Tis the season for SEWING!


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