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Hello All,
As if I didn't have enough projects that I have to do, I have added one more to the list. I am actually really excited about it though. A friend of mine came over last night as seemed to be inspired by my boyfriend, and I's enthusiasm for steam punk costuming (laugh all you want hee hee). So, I offered to make him a vest so he will fit in with our crew. And I am happy to do it for him. I crew is now up to 7! It won't be as elaborate as I like to make my usual projects, but it will give him a good start.

Here is a little teaser of what the fabrics will be. I do need some input though. Below I have the right side of the vest front fabric and the wrong side of the vest front fabric. Both are great looking, but I am not sure which one to use. Any input or opinions??

So... I have one week to get this done, I can do it. Just have to get started.

I will post pictures of the pattern used and the finished project later in the week.

Happy Sewing!


I think I am getting a bit addicted to making steam punk costumes and accessories. I can't stop thinking up ideas and want to add a million different details. But, in the end there never seems to be enough time.


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