Dress Updates and New Look!

Hello All,

So I finally think I have settled on a new look for the blog. I had been meaning to tweak it for a while now. I think this one suits it's mission much better than the other. What do you guys think out there? I would love your input.

As for the dress, I do have a quick update for you all. I have finally cut out the pattern pieces. Guess I met all my goals for this week: clean up craft room and cut out pattern pieces. I am going to try and get the rayon cut out today. So far the pattern is looking pretty easy. There aren't really any complicated pieces to it. I think the main challenge is going to be working with the fabric. So wish me luck and I am off to cut out rayon.

Happy Sewing everyone.


  1. From my experience with sliky fabrics the slippage is the hardest part. Getting it to stay where you put it. When cutting it make sure you weight it down. When you start sewing it just start slow until you get the feel for it.


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