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Hello All,

So I am embarking on a new project. I have to say it is one I am really nervous about. I am going to be making my friends wedding dress! She has entrusted me to make one of the most important dresses she is ever going to wear. Most women have dreamed about that dress since they were little girls. Now, it is in my hands to make sure it comes out perfect.

The dress is for one of my best friends Kelly. I have known her for about 6 years now I think (though it could be longer). We have been through ups and downs together and now I am helping her look beautiful on her big day. She is beautiful and and has a wonderful, whimsical, dramatic style to her. Her wedding is going to be an amazing coming together of the village with most of her family and friends sharing their expertise to help make it come to life.

So you all have a little bit of an idea of what the dress will look like, it is going to be regency style with and umpire waist. It will have small cap sleeves that will be off the shoulder. The top bodice will be slate gray lace layered over sky blue silk. The body of the dress will be an amazing sky blue silk (swatches below). The back will be corset laced with sky blue satin ribbon. The whole thing will be lined in a light as air rayon.

The pattern it's self will not be the challenging part, it is actually on the simpler side for me. What has me worried is the fabric. I will be working with fine silk, lace, and rayon, all of which will be a first for me. I have consult wedding dress experts the the fabric store and am doing my research online. However, I am still nervous to make even the first cut in to the fabric. I know, one wrong snip and it could all be over.

However, I am going to keep a positive outlook while doing this and can't wait to get started. Check back later for updates on the dress.

Happy Sewing!

Details of the fabric..


  1. Interesting color palette choices for a wedding gown....

  2. I think it's gorgeous fabric!


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