Kitschy Old Lady Crafts.

So today I got a bit of a surprise! My mauter (mom) finished my afghan! She had started it a couple months ago when it was cooler. I really didn't expect her to finish it till the fall when things cooled down. If you have ever tried crocheting or knitting something large in the summer you know what I mean. She made the afghan by crocheting squares with various patterns of red maroon, plum, tank and brown yarn. The kind of crocheting is called grandma squares. She then stitched them all together and gave it a border. I have to say I love it. It looks so cute on my couch and goes great with the colors in the living room.

She started making this for me because of my love of all things kitschy or other wise labeled old lady crafts. I had the idea when looking through I book I had gotten for my birthday called, Kitschy Crafts.

Its a great book if you like old school crafts and crafting. It has crafts spanning the decades. Such as...
Crocheting, macrame, even glass grapes.

My favorite though, and it s blast from my childhood, Crocheted toilet paper coves. The one in the book is a poodle. I am definitely going to make these when I have some free time. Here is a example to the right--->

Well that is if for now. I will leave you all with an instructional vid. of how to make the granny squares. Have fun!


  1. This is one of my favorite craft books on my shelf! I have looked through it so many times just to get inspiration from time to time :) And I fell in love with those kitschy poodle TP covers too, how funny!


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