Part of your world....

Hello all,
I have not abandoned you. I haven't really had any projects to post right now. I was a bit burnt out after the pirate festival. I did start cutting out the pieces for a 1940's dress. I will have pictures up soon. It is a prototype for my bridesmaid dress for my lovely Kelly's wedding. I want to make sure that the pattern fits right before cutting into my good material. And hey... bonus I will have another pretty dress!

However, and long denied interest is resurfacing again according to my girly Elissa. She recently made her own swim-able mermaid tail and fin. It has inspired me to make one of my own and start mermaid swimming again. I don't know how many hours I spent in the pool when I was younger, fins on and pretending I was a mermaid. It is so freeing to be "flying" through the water.
U.S. Diver Fins

In the spirit of things I went out and bought myself a new pair of fins. And SCORE it even came with a mask and snorkel. Needless to say, I spend a good portion of the day yesterday just gliding around the pool. I am really happy with them. They fit nice and snug so it limits the pull on your ankles.

So that is all for now. I will leave you with a few beautiful videos of some well known mermaid girls.


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