Steam Gadgets

The key to steampunk is the accessories. The more you have on your costume the better it looks. This is the best part of the genre for me. I love coming up with new gadges and things that I think airship pirates would use. So I thought I would go over a few of the accessories I have for my costume.

First off the way me and my friends consider our self a crew. Our ship, The Brass Boiler. We each picked a role on the ship before we started costuming. The role we picked guided how we ended up making our costume and the accessories that we chose. My boy is the Captain. My sis, the gunner, my friend Kelly is the mechanic, Jon is the hired gun/ mercenary ect.

I am the navigator. I am in charge of making sure our ship gets to where it need to go. So here are some of my tools of the trade.

Here we have my map tube. This was made by using a wrapping paper role and covering it with different fabrics. I will post a tutorial at a later date.

Next is the oxygen mask. This was made using a wooden craft box from Michael's, poster board, fabric and scrapbook embellishments.

**side note** if you need embellishments for steampunk projects the scrapbook isle of the craft stores is amazing. You can find almost anything you need. Most are starting to carry embellishments designed for steam punk. You can get gears, dials, clock hands ect.

I also have a telescope. I found this a party store in the kids pirate party section. I just covered in in some leather scraps and whola!

The rest of the accessories pictured I was able to buy. The pouches were from my dad. He found them at a surplus store. They are from world war 2! How cool is that! Its nice to have something authentic. The tools were found at a local dollar store.

Lastly there is the arm band. I made these out of scrap canvas I had from another project. I had found a really nice mask with gears on it and stenciled them on to the armbands. There is one for each member of our crew. They all have TBB for our ship on it, meaning The Brass Boiler.

So thats all for now. Check back tomorrow and I will have my two favorite accessories!

The Cryptothermal Compass and my Goggles!

Happy Sewing!


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