Ouchies! My Poor Drag Baby

The other day I was driving along the freeway, listening to my music and thinking about what to do for the rest of the day and BAM!  Something came out of no where.  It was a large, metallic object between the size of a baseball and a softball.  Smash! right into my windshield.

My poor windsheild was smashed to pieces and I got a nice glass shower. Luckly I wasn't hurt but I can't really say the same for my car.  It was scratched and bruised more than I was.  I got a couple deep scratches in the hood and a nice divot in the frame under the windshield.

I was fortunate that there was no real structure damage done and that I wasn't decapitated by what ever it was that hit me.  It was close though, there were some parts of the windshield that were completely gone and I could feel a breeze come through.

But my daddy came to the rescue and drove the car back to my place wearing his coveralls and safety glasses.  I have to say, it was quite a sight! (specially the fact that a former marine was driving a pink car).  This little story does end well.  The next morning the auto glass people came to my place and fixed my baby up, gave him (yes my car is a him, I like to think of it as an aging drag-queen) a new windshield and gasket.
My boy did have fun playing with the car while it had  now windshield.  It was strange to see, you never really think of windshields as removable till you see it.
Now my care is all nice and fixed and looking better than ever.  I just need to do something about the chipping clear coat!

Safe Driving Everyone!


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