Spotlight- The 1950's Wedding.

 Lately all my girlfriends have been getting engaged or married.  So, naturally this has kept weddings on my brain (not to mention that I am making a wedding dress).  Not to get ahead of myself, but I started looking up ideas for my own someday-wedding.  I knew it would have a retro/ vintage feel to it.  So I started looking up retro inspired weddings.  I was not disapointed.  There really is a blog out there for everything!  I found this
It is an amazing blog that features pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to retro weddings. Though the blog is heavily based in 1950's retro.  It does have ideas with 1940's and 1960's themes.  What I like most though, is the ideas for cute unconventional receptions.  For instance, it has a post about a Sweets Buffet It also has a lot of what you would expect; dress, makeup and hair ideas. 

Check it out and see if you get inspired.

Happy Sewing!


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