Victorian Christmas in July

It is a bit early, but... I have been getting the itch to plan for my Dicken's fair dress. This is partly because I am insane and can't stop myself and partly because I want to be able to hit up summer sales on fabric! Above is this years inspiration pictures. I want to make a similar combo to the one on the left. I love the tiered skirt and the huge fur trimmed jacket. I am not sure of colors or such, but that will come later. Right now I just wanted to get a feel for what it will look like. This will be a 1850's Winter Promenade Gown and Coat.
I want to eventually take it up to the snow this winter and take pictures of myself in it. I also want to get some good pics of my other dresses I have made from this era. I currently have two. One is a carriage dress from about 1848, the other is a bustle gown from I believe the 1870's.

Below is the pattern I am going to use for my coat. I do want to make few modifications to it though. For one, I am going to make the collar a bit shorter and trim it in faux fur. I am also going to lengthen the sleeves by trimming them in faux fir as well. The front middle will be trimmed as well. I am not sure what fabric the coat is going to be made of yet. However I want to find with some heft to it so it will actually keep me warm. It will also be lined, perhaps in fleece to simulate fur. I know it isn't quite period, but it it is warm.
Below is the dress patten I want to use. It a beautiful tiered skirt and open sleeves. Yes I know that open sleeves isn't ideal for a winter dress but it does have inner sleeves and the Dickens Fair is held inside! Once again, not sure of colors, but that will be figured out when I go to the fabric store. I am going to start keeping the amounts I need for various projects when I go to make shopping easier.

I also want to get real boots this year. I am tired of winging it with foot wear. It really ruins the allusion! These look amazing. They have really good construction and look pretty comfortable. I want something that is going to last a few years since these boots can get pretty pricey.

Click picture for seller link.

In other Victorian news. I want to arrange a Victorian picnic in the park somewhere in northern California. Anyone have any ideas? It would be a bring your own picnic and blanket and have fun in the sunshine. This would possibly be next spring. So I am hunting for ideas for locations now. Let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions. Perhaps I will let you all know when it will be and we could make it a grand event.

Well that is it for now,
Happy Sewing


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