What a Blustery Day!

Yesterday was the first day that I walked out of my apartment and thought... WOW it feels like fall! It was even a little cooler than it has been.  Then today I come out and there if fog in view.  Mind you that is rare for where I'm located especially during the summer!  I have to say, I am excited.  I am having visions of walks all bundled up in my coat and scarf.  Watching the trees in front of my apartment change color.  Baking pies (heathly versions of course), apple cider, Halloween, thanks giving!  I am excited about it all.

Here is some of the evidence I found in my front yard!  Leaves! Day before yesterday there were no leaves and not look.  Today is super windy as well.  Ahh, I know some of you don't want to hear this fantastic news.  But hey, embrace the seasons changing and have fun with it.

If you needed proof that fall is my favorite season, just look below!  That is the tattoo on the top of my foot.  It is my everlasting love and reminder of my favorite season.  The only one I love as much is spring and that will eventually be on my other foot!

Enjoy the exhilarating changing of seasons.  I challenge you all to just sit in your yards and listen and feel.  You will notice a change!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love fall, too, but no sign of it here yet. We're still in the dog days (hot, hazy, humid) here in Philadelphia... Where do you live?

  2. No,no,no!!! I refuse as I do every year to believe that the cold weather is rigth around the corner. I do miss the SD days.


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