What to wear?

I am sure you have all seen the show what not to wear. Well here is a little article to put their philosophy in to words. I really like how they just lay it all out for you. It just has the key steps to having a stylish wardrobe and looking amazing at all times. I am going to summarize some of the key points, but if you like here is the full article Wear This, Not That Keep in mind, that this article is a bit dated (2 years ago) but it still has some firm advice.

1. Out with the old.
Basically throw out anything that is old, dated (in a bad way) or doesn't fit you properly! This can be a hard step. I know I always get the feeling of "What am I gonna wear then?" When I think of just getting rid of everything that doesn't fit. But on the flip side... it usually just kinda sits there anyway!

2. Identify Your Style
Just like that develop a style out of thin air. Poof you have a style. I myself have to raise an eyebrow at this one. A personal style is a really hard thing to develop. And, once you have it down you seem to shift to something different. Well that has been my problem anyway. My suggestion is surf the net. Find pics of girls (or guys) with your body type and in fashion that catches your eye. Then, emulate. No it is not copying, or stealing their style. I see it as fashion lessons. You have to have some kind of model to practice with before you just go at it. For instance, I wouldn't tell the kiddos in my class write a sentence without showing them what a sentence is. (sorry i know silly teacher reference.)

Must-Have Items
Here is a list of items that you should start out buying when overhauling your wardrobe.

  • Structured jackets
  • Medium-width, straight-legged trousers
  • Medium-rise, dark wash, straight-legged jeans
  • Pointed-toe shoes, either flats or heels, to elongate the line of the leg
  • A-line skirts
  • An assortment of camis (camisol)
  • V-neck knit sweaters to elongate the line of the neck and make you appear taller and slimmer
  • A trench coat with vertical seaming to elongate the body and protect you from the elements
This is the bare bones basics that are supposed to be in any respectable wardrobe. I have to agree with most of the items on here. I don't know about the pointed shoe ( I have never been a fan). But everything else looks good.

4. Wise up about size

The biggest point they make is dress up your size. Don't be afraid to look good at whatever size you are. In fact if you feel like you are heavier, dressing well and feeling good may help you lose weight. Find clothes that flatter your shape. Just try anything and everything on. If it is uncomfortable, chances are it doesn't fit. Do you only like it at a certain angle? Pass... It will take some work but it will be worth it.

Now that you have seen this. For all of you out there who are stuck, unsatisfied with your wardrobe I have a challenge for you! I challenge you to throw out or donate 3- 5 pieces of clothing that you know doesn't fit, or is falling apart. Next replace it with something that fits and really compliments you! If you can, send me pictures of the clothes you are throwing out (on you preferably). I will blur out your face or crop your head out. And then show us what you have replaced it with! I will do the same. So... ready.... set.... SHOP!

Good Luck!


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