1920's Look

So I have been looking in to how to do finger waves.  My hair is actually short enough that I could pull off the 1920's looks.  I just wanted to share a bit of my research with you all.  It is a quick tutorial in creating a 1920's Look.


Hair And Makeup
I love this tutorial because it is a really simple one that most anyone could do.  Also, it shows you how to make long hair into a flapper style.

Here is another hair and makeup tutorial.  I like this hair because ti isn't as flattened down to the head like traditional fingerwaves are.  This is a more modern twist on fingerwaves.  This tutorial would be useful for those with long or short hair.  For short hair you just won't need to ponytail or pin it like you would for longer hair.

Try them out and let me know how they work for you.  I am going to be trying them out myself.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  2. The make-up tutes are great, I like the fact they are different yet both achieve a period look so you can tailor them to your features (I could never get away with oblique eyebrows!).

    I think the hair looks cute in 2nd vid. For period alternatives for long hair I'd suggest a bun or one to three rows of barrel curls placed on top of each other going around the side and nape of the neck. (Use roller curlers, carefully remove and hold curls in the barrel shape and pin through the middle with a couple of criss-cross bobby pins - I used that look on long wigs for a 1927 show but they came into fashion again late 60s/70s so there are loads of instructions around).

    The pin curls round the front are great for disguising untidy ends and really easy once you've had a bit of practice, plus they hide bobby pins well if you want to use them in your finger waves.

    I have a gripe with the Dior catwalk look of the first video, its too flat (if you look at 20s hairstyles the waves added volume) and the pins would never have been that visible. The best tools for finger waves are a rat-tail comb, setting lotion (or strong gel/spray) and your middle finger! Apparently curling tongs work too, here's a tutorial for finger method.

    I learned to do these styles on a wig on a block meaning I could use tape instead of fingers, ruthlessly stab it with pins (which I did!) and bake it in a hot oven to set it, obviously you can't do this for a real head! It made me appreciate just how tricky this stuff would be to do yourself (considering '20s women would have hairdressers, sisters and best buddies to do each other's hair and it probably looked like concrete up close) so I guess the thing is to not lose heart, keep practicing and feel uber proud of your achievement. And there's always the equally gorgeous, slick Louise Brooks bob too if it gets too much! :-)

  3. The girl in the first tutorial (pixiewoo I think) has some really great, easy to follow videos. I've used her tutorials several times.


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