Victorian Christmas Card! in October!

I have gotten a few questions about what the Dickens' Fair is.  Well to put it simply, it is a fair in San Francisco Cow Palace Exhibition Halls.  They attempt to recreate Dicken's Era England.  As far as fairs go I think it is one of the bests.  It feels like you have stepped in to a Charles Dickens Christmas Story.  They have reenacters, characters from A Christmas Carol, and all kinds of things that remind you of the 1850's

The whole fair takes place between 1842-1863. So I usually stick to the 1850's since it is a good middle.  There are all kinds if shops, shows and fun things to see.  They even have the painted ladies on display at the dark garden corset shop.
 So if you would like to check it out for yourself just go here,

If you think you might be going, shoot me an email at retrophilexo at  and I will let you guys know what day I will be making my appearance.

Happy Sewing!


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