Hey,  So someone brought up the concept of having a knit along.  So I am putting it out there for all the beginners.  Anyone interested in participating a knit along for beginners.  I haven't picked a project yet.  I am open to suggestions though.  So sent me links to your proposed ideas and we can get this going.



  1. I say maybe we could start out with following youtube videos (I've found that really helps make sure you're getting a clear view of the proper motions - I was thinking of posting the ones I was using on my blog) and first practice our basic stitches by doing a square of each;knitting and purling (with binding off). Then combining them and doing a square of a garter stitch. Just focus on trying to get the stitches even, and probably confront picking up dropped stitches first too.

    Then if everyone feels a bit courageous/ambitious I've heard a lot of good things about the three-hour sweater for beginners:
    And, hell, we'll have support!


    There are three level 1 vintage knitting projects I found on Ravelry!


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