I have been feeling Crafty

So the last week or so I decided to take a break from sewing and have been swept up in cross stitching.   I was inspired after a request from my boy.  If you haven't read before, he is your all american gamer, computer, internet addict young adult.  He wanted me to cross stitch a version of a common internet "thing".  It simply consists of a few stick drawings and some letters

I am not sure what it means or where it comes from so I did check out the net.  Urban dictionary came to my rescue once again.


A meaningless acronym which most often stands for "Oh My God What The Fuck Barbeque." It most likely originated on Something Awful (somethingawful.com). It can be interpreted simply as gibberish, or used when one wants to emphasize one's own incoherence, lack of understanding, or to mock others.
S, here is the final product.


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