School's Out For Summer!

Sccchoooollll's out for SUMMER!!!  And you thought student's where the only ones counting down the days till summer.  I have to say I am soooo happy that it's finally here.  It has been an interesting year!  Most definitely a learning experience.  I only have one more day of closing up shop and the summer will officially begin!

I am not teaching summer school this year so I have some big plans!  My summer is going to start off with a trip to Mississippi.  I know exciting right?  Well, it is all about how you look at it.

A friend of mine and I are going because she is doing research for writing project she's working on.  It is also and excuse to explore an area I haven't really had a chance to delve into.  We're going to be doing a scavenger hunt there as well.  I will try and post pics when I can.  So if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!  I will add them to our list and give you a shout out if we come across it.  The suggestions can be silly, serious, off color, stereotypical or non-pc.  Have fun with it!

I am also going to Comic Con this year!  I am dressing up, however, it will be non steam punk at least one day.  I have a video game co splay in the works,  I will be dropping hints as we get closer.   The first hint is this, #1: this person is female.  This is what I will leave you with  :-p

Lastly I will be camping with my family.  This is by far my favorite part of the summer.  Just getting away from it all and having some outdoor fun!  Again I will try and post from time to time,  however reception will be a bitch!

So that is it for now!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Crafting!


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