This little Kitten has found her mittens!

I have been on the hunt for a while for cute oven mitts and pot holders.  When all of a sudden walking through the fabric store it hit me... Duh! I should just make my own.  I'm not really sure why the fact hadn't hit me before, but it did just at the right time.  So browsing through the bolts I found the cutest apples and pears fabric.  Now normally I go for cherries (since that is what my kitchen theme evolved in to) however these just had the perfect colors and were sooo cute.

I didn't really have a patter in my stash so I hunted the net.  I must say, there is not  shortage of patterns out there for oven mitts and pot holders!  However I found one that was particular cute at . Here is the direct link to the pattern, however feel free to check out their other free patterns.  There are some really cute ones in there.

The reason I chose this oven mitt pattern was because it was longer than most out there that I had found.  I wanted something that would cover a large portion of my arm, I am prone to burns.
The pattern was simple enough to make.  However I did make a few alterations to the original pattern.

Materials Used
Printed cotton
Solid Cotton (lining)
Med. Weight Natrual fiber batting (bamboo and rayon mix)
Double fold bias tape for bottom trim.

The original pattern doesn't have you line it, but I wanted an extra layer of protection between me and the heat!

So... instructions are as follwed.
1. Cut two of the oven mitt pattern out of printed fabric and solid, lining fabric
2. Cut four layers of batting.
3. pin together the following layers in this order 1 layer of printed, 2 layers of batting, 1 layer of solid red.
4. Next I quilted ( I think that is the term) or sewed lines diagonally across the whole oven mitt. This was to keep the layers from seperating and shifting around.
5. Repeat for remaining pieces.
6. Pin the two finished layers together printed fabric facing each other.
7. Next you are going to stitch all around the outside of the mitt, leaving the arm hole open.
8. Clip any loose threads and turn right side out.
9. Pin on bias tape around arm hole and stitch on.  I sewed it double because it is so think.
10. Use and enjoy.

I still have some pieces that I need to finish, so when i got to make it I will have a better step by step tutorial with pictures!  So keep your eyes peeled!
The mitt works pretty well, it keeps my hands nice and cozy and safe!  Let me know if you guys try it out at all.  I wanna see pictures!

Also, the clothing challenge is still going on.  Just to remind you, the challenge was to get rid of 3-5 articles of clothing that don't fit, or are worn out and replace them according to the guidelines in What to wear?
So, get hunting through those closets and send me pictures of what you got rid of and what you replaced it with!

That is all for now, Happy Sewing!


  1. Sweetie this turned out so cute. Now it is time to make the Mauter one or two.

  2. How cute! Thanks for the link!

  3. Cute fabric! I'm going to definitely make two of these for my kitchen... as soon as I find something to match my kitchen! Thanks for the instructions on how you changed it. It looks great!


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