1947 Dress Started

So I have decided on my first dress for the new school year.  I am going to be making a red floral dress from my 1947 repo dress pattern.  You can see it below
Butterick B5209
 This will actually be the 3rd time that I have made this dress.  I have made the halter version once, and this will the second round making the sleeved version.
Original Dress

You can see the original dress I made from the pattern here. I love this pattern.  It fits really well and is super easy to make. 
Here is the fabric I will be using. I know it is a bit more colorful then what they would have used in the 40's, but I just love it!  So far I have all the pieces cut out and just need to start the sewing.  The construction may have to wait a bit though.  Tomorrow I am heading off to do some old fashioned camping.

I have also planned out the next dress as well.  I will be using a pattern I have used before.  As you can tell I am not feeling too adventurous.  I know these patterns fit well and look good, so I am just going for it.
Vouge V1043
 This is another great pattern.  It is a little bit more complicated than the first.  This one has some folds that are sewn in to add detail in the bodice.  Other than that it is pretty straight forward.
Here is a preview of what the dress looks like.  I will be shortening it.  I like the lenght but it is a bit combersome when trying to navigate through the classroom.
 Here is the fabric I am gonna be using for the dress. I love the colors and that patterns.  They seem like a modern twist on a 50's style print.  I am excited to get it finished!!

So that is what I am up to for now.  I will post updates from my camping trip if I happen to get signal while I am out there.  So until then, have a wonderful week everyone!



  1. Cute fabric choices here! I had a question though, are you the same blogger that does the sewretro.blogspot.com blog?? I have been looking at the blue elvis shirt dress on that blog for th longest time trying to find a pattern for something similar but the blog has gone private now! =^( I might look into the couple patterns you've got going on here though...

  2. I love the second fabric with those little birds! I have often wondered what the Vogue reprints will look like made up and it's so great to see someone posting the results. And sorry... I think you were the last to post on Sew Retro, so more of us 'non-invited' may be heading your way as your address shows on the google search. I presume it's down for fixing, or someone has clicked the wrong button accidentally, and that everything will be ok. Happy sewing!

  3. Where did you get the 'bird' fabric from? I love it. I think it will make a great dress.

  4. @KarenVR, if you have a picture of what you are looking for I might have some suggestions. And yes I was posting on Sew Retro. As a contributor, I still have access to it. I don't know why you guys can't read it.

    @Maria, I go the fabric at Johann's Fabrics. I was really surprised to see it there.


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